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The Dialogue of
The Carmelites

Media Designer: Jessica Ann Drayton

Cincinnati Collage-Conservatory of Music (CCM)

Conductor | Christopher Larkin
Director | Robin Guarino
Scenic Designer | Mark Halpin
Lighting Designer | Alaina Pizzoferrato
Costume Designer | Iris Harmon
Sound Designer  | Alena Milos
Media Designer | Jessica Ann Drayton
Production Stage Manager  | Rosie Burns Pavlik
Props Manager | (LB) Amber Slater
Movement Director | Susan Moser

Photography: Mark Lyons

November 2022

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My vision is to seamlessly intertwine visual storytelling with the hauntingly beautiful narrative of this operatic masterpiece. Grounded in the themes of faith, sacrifice, and the human spirit, the projection design seeks to enhance the emotional depth of the opera while providing a visually compelling backdrop that complements the poignant storytelling.

The projection design for "The Dialogue of the Carmelites" draws inspiration from the stark beauty of religious iconography and the emotional intensity of the opera's narrative. Evoking the somber and contemplative atmosphere of the convent, the projections will serve as a visual canvas that mirrors the internal struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices of the characters. The design aims to transport the audience into the world of the Carmelite nuns while respecting the historical context and emotional nuances of the story.



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