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Jersey Boys

Lighting Designer: Jessica Ann Drayton

Projection Designer: Jessica Ann Drayton

Arts Center of Coastal Carolina

Director | Todd Underwood
Scenic Designer | Charles S. Kading
Costume Designer | Jordan Jaked Carrier
Sound Designer  | Marlo Griffith
Production Stage Manager  | Ginger M. James


June 2023

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In crafting the projection and lighting design for "Jersey Boys," my mission is to seamlessly weave a visual tapestry that captures the energy, nostalgia, and emotional resonance of this iconic musical. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic era of the 1960s, our design aims to enhance the storytelling, accentuate the performances, and transport the audience to the electrifying world of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.
The combined projection and lighting design for "Jersey Boys" is rooted in the pulsating energy of the 1960s music scene. Projected visuals and lighting elements will work in harmony to evoke the vibrant atmosphere of live performances, recording studios, and the personal journeys of each member of The Four Seasons. The concept seeks to thoughtfully craft the blend of visual and lighting elements. The design seeks to immerse the audience in the captivating world of The Four Seasons, creating a memorable and visually stunning experience that resonates with the essence of this timeless musical




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